About Us

ITPC, abbreviation for Indonesian Trade Promotion Centre, is a non-profit Government Organization under the supervision of the Directorate General of National Export Development (DGNED).

As we all know, one of the biggest difficulty faced by both the exporters and the buyers is that, how to meet with business partner. The solution for this difficulty is Matchmaking. ITPC and DGNED institutions are parts of a global trade network abroad, supervised by the Ministry of Trade of the Republic of Indonesia, with a common goal to enhance the export of Indonesian products throughout the world and as well to facilitate matchmaking.

Through ITPC-Chennai website, Indonesia’s exporters could offer their products to the abroad buyers and on the other side; buyers could find good product suppliers from Indonesia’s companies. All these services and facilities are free of charge to everybody.

ITPC, as the host country business partner, will promote Indonesia’s products and assist the host country by providing that country’s business community information of the products in demand to other countries. The Indonesian Trade and Promotion Centre services offer customized solutions to help your business to enter and succeed in partnership with companies in Indonesia. In brief, the services of ITPC are as follows:

  • Marketing Indonesian export Commodities and increase trade promotion activities by matching the products with the countries in demand.
  • Help to increase business contacts and join works between the Indonesian business communities and the businesspersons of other countries business matching).
  • Provide information services for export commodities to the Indonesian business community.
  • Structure foreign market analysis and enhance business intelligence (lobbying) with the business community.
  • ITPC is also in charge of the market development and trade promotions abroad, relating to commodity exports and the enhancement of non-oil & gas services.

The Vision

To boost Indonesian non-oil and gas export development to the Indian market through market penetration, information dissemination, trade inquiry services; expanding the business contacts between Indonesian exporters and Indian importers, and active participation in various trade exhibitions in India.

The Mission

  • To increase entrepreneurs capabilities to enter the global market.
  • To provide information services to the entrepreneurs from both the countries, Indonesia and India.
  • To enhance the business contact and relationship between business communities from both the countries, Indonesia and India.
  • To facilitate overseas buyers to visit Indonesia and meet with their suitable partner companies.
  • To Market Indonesia’s non-oil and gas export product, invite and facilitate Indonesian companies to participate in trade promotion activities in country accreditation.

Programs and activities of ITPC

ITPC is in charge of the market development and trade promotions abroad, relating to commodity exports and the enhancement of non-oil & gas services.

  1. Promote Indonesia’s non-oil and gas products and to improve promotional activities.
  2. Organize business meetings and transactions between both the Indonesian and Indian businessperson.
  3. Conduct market survey and prepare various reports, market briefs, Country profile, importer and exporter profile.
  4. Respond, follow up and evaluate the trade inquiries.
  5. Conduct mini display of Indonesian products in ITPC’s office.
  6. Network activities with Chamber of Commerce, World Trade Association, Other related trade promotion offices and business communities.
  7. Develop public relation through catalogue, brochure and advertisement in the business directory and newspaper.
  8. Assist Indonesian companies and participate in trade promotions and exhibitions.
  9. Perform market survey and market intelligence.

Our Value Proposition

ITPC offers Business Relations With Indonesian Suppliers. It is in charge of the market development and trade promotions abroad, relating to commodity exports and the enhancement of non-oil & gas services. We help you in the following activities.

  • Business matching and developing contacts with the Indonesian Business community.
  • Obtain business information and opportunities in Indonesia.
  • Permanent Exhibition of Indonesian products at ITPC’s mini display.
  • Opportunity to participate in “Trade Expo Indonesia”, Annual international displays of Indonesian product.
  • Collection of Publications of Indonesian trade relation information.