Leather and Leather products

Leather and Leather products

Indonesia produces pickled leather, wet blue leather, and crust leather. For years, Indonesia has been the makers of numerous genuine leather products like suitcases, handbags, belts, wallets, etc. The export of leather and leather products in Indonesia always increases year by year.


Leather and leather product industries are distributed in almost all areas of Indonesia. Some of them are:

  • Java Island
  • Sumatera Island
  • Kalimantan Island
  • Sulawesi Island
  • Nusa Tenggara Island
  • Bali Island
  • Maluku and Papua Island

Export destination countries:

China, Hong Kong, Malaysia, Italy, Thailand, Viet Nam, India, Singapore, Germany, Spain, Korea, Japan, Taiwan, Province Of China, Netherlands, Philippines, France, Australia, South Africa, Portugal, United States, Poland, Mexico, Austria, Sri Lanka, Greece