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Indonesia is a country rich in ethnicity, culture, and language. In addition, Indonesia has abundant wealth of produce such as gold, silver and pearl jewellery that has been recognized in the world. A variety of value-added jewellery has been produced by jewellery craftsmen in Indonesia. In terms of design and model now it can be one of the trends in the development of jewellery in the world.

Indonesian jewellery has its own uniqueness compared to other jewellery- producing countries, its uniqueness comes from diverse cultures. This is one of Indonesia’s advantages to be able to provide artistic products that look artistic. Besides that, abundant raw materials are the basis for making the latest types of jewellery.

Indonesian jewellery is also one of the most popular in foreign countries, which also makes the value of Indonesian jewellery exports increase. In the early 2018 period in January, Indonesian jewellery exports amounted to US $ 577 million, which compared to the same period the previous year had increased 141.11%. Then in the January-February 2018 period, Indonesia’s jewellery exports reached US $ 1.16 billion, an increase of 59.09% compared to the same period the previous year.

Indonesian jewellery products can be known in foreign countries cannot be separated from the role of designers or craftsmen of jewellery. Indonesian jewellery designers today are not inferior to world jewellery designers because one of them has good soft skills and can produce the latest trends that are unique to the products produced.

In terms of Indonesia’s natural and cultural wealth, they explore and uniquely design their jewellery products. Various forms that have been produced are also included in the world jewellery exhibition and competition. The resulting design forms are rings, earrings, and necklaces.

The Indonesian government classifies jewellery as one of Indonesia’s potential export products. Regulatory and facilitation support in developing industries on jewellery products through relevant ministries, so that Indonesian jewellery designers can always work and produce the best jewellery products in foreign countries. In addition, the authenticity of the exported products has been guaranteed through official certification institutions.

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